Gaspar For Mayor

Dr. Paul Gaspar, DPT
for Mayor

Prescribing Common Sense
for Encinitas



Bringing People Together

The best work product and efficiencies are achieved when we work together to meet our goals.  Successful organizations foster mutual respect between all levels of leadership, management, clients/citizens, staff, and outside experts.

In order to bring people together, we must squash the dysfunction we see too often at the state and national level, which is fueled by partisan politics.  As mayor, I will focus on the local issues and challenges facing Encinitas, not partisanship or issues that divide our community.

Experienced Leadership

Our next Mayor needs to have the experience and skill set to lead a large complex organization.  I have been successful building a mid-sized company, as well as holding leadership positions in several state and national health care organizations.  Encinitas employs about 250 people and has an annual operations budget of over $79 million.  Good personnel and fiscal management policies will help us get the most from our resources and my experience will help guide our city forward, protecting taxpayers, and providing good city services to residents.

Community Involvement

I have been actively involved Encinitas for over 20 years, contributing my time and resources to help organizations in all five communities, including Encinitas Rotary Club, San Dieguito Sports Medicine Foundation, Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Encinitas Little League, Pop Warner Football, and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.  My involvement is motivated by my love for our community and the opportunity to make a positive impact so that we can maintain our great quality of life.

Taxpayer Protection

Taxpayer money is not Monopoly money.  Let’s make every dollar count!  The Council Majority paid almost $7 million above the appraised value for the Pacific View School and recently lost two consecutive lawsuits costing about $700,000.  This year, two Council Members changed their mind on the Cardiff Rail Trail alignment after considerable time and resources had already been spent, costing taxpayers up to $800,000.  These three decisions took money away from citizens’ priorities and the former caused the Council Majority to pitch a tax hike.  Let’s stop the bleeding by considering citizens’ priorities, thinking strategically before we act, and using rational best practices.

Prioritize Public Safety

Local government’s top priority is public safety.  We must recognize the specialized expertise of our public safety officials and unwind the “culture of distrust” at City Hall.  The men and women in uniform who protect us are too important to be distrusted, not taken seriously, or treated in an unprofessional manner.  As mayor, I will support our police, fire and lifeguards and make sure they have the resources necessary to do their jobs effectively.  They put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

Environmental Protection

I have been a leader of the NoRailTrail movement for more than a year because of my concern for the environment and community character.  The Cardiff Rail Trail should be built on Highway 101, if at all, which is respectful of the wishes of hundreds of Cardiff homeowners.  This will protect Cardiff open space, preserve beach parking, and protect endangered wetlands.  The Montgomery Avenue at-grade crossing, which will cause noise pollution and may cost over $3 million, should only be built if there is wide support from the Cardiff neighbors, as well as the larger Encinitas community.